Why Polish flashcards?

Do you want to download a language to your brain? It is simple. I taught myself Polish. Based on my experience, flashcards are not a gimmick but a tool that works.

People ask me have your tried Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur or a school, or a book. Yes to all. But they did not do much for me. What worked best for me were simple Polish language flashcards. If you want to download a language directly to your brain, my Polish language flashcards are the closest thing.

They are visual cards. Not word to word, or word + picture to word, but picture only to word. This is what makes them effective.

Are flashcards are a little retro and old fashion?


  • Worked in the 1960s – They worked when I was a kid and they work today.
  • Better than on your computer or iPod –  I am a geek and techy, but I actually prefer flashcards better than staring at a computer screen with a multimedia program. I am on the computer all day and who wants to add additional hours. Life is too short to spend on your computer. Good for the companies that make them but do they work? I prefer tried and tested flashcards that are a fraction of the price.
  • Use your imagination – With flashcards you can take them anywhere or leave them around the house like on your bathroom mirror. You can play with your kids or in your draw at the office.
  • Real vs Virtual – They are real physical tangible tools. I like real. Your brain likes real.Your brain needs something real and tangible to learn a language, better than simply software images. This is the way kids learn and why you learn better in another country as your brain likes to learn from real better than just an mp3 a video or software (all of which I write mind you, but real is best, like printed flashcards).
  • Books do not work – Flashcards are better than a book because books are boring. I do not know anyone who learned a language with a book. Books are works and clumsy. You need a tool. You can not learn to play a sport from a book, nor a language. However, flashcards are active, like drills. You can learn a language drilling.

You need to understand Polish is one of the hardest languages to learn in the world. The pronunciation and grammar is 100 times harder than English. Most people I know get very frustrated learning Polish.


How did I design these Flashcards?

  • Verbs are the soul of a language – Most programs are heavy on nouns. Further, nous that are not conversational like horse or carrot (these nouns you will learn anyway). Verbs are more important.  If you understand and can use verbs, you can convey any idea, fluency is gained faster. Therefore, I designed verb flashcards.
  • Less is more – There are 210 of the most useful, that is abstract verbs. Not just any verbs like ‘to dance’ (which you will pick up anyway) but abstract conversational verbs. I purposely made the program short and sweet. Because if I put in 2000 verbs you would learn 20. This is my experience, people give up when they are overwhelmed. Learn these 210 verbs in their various forms and the sentences and nouns with them and you will have a very good start with Polish. You will be able to communicate  very quickly. Yes if you learn what is on these 210 cards you will be better than many guys I know who have taken course and used programs and in my experience even lived in Poland for a few years. I give you exactly what you need, a tool.
  • Transliteration or phonetics is better than audio – Polish is almost impossible to pronounce at first. I give you the pronunciation mapped out. You need to see this, not just hear it. Believe me. Your brain needs to latch on to something and Polish is to complex to do just with sound. Poles pronounce every single letter perfectly. Not like in English, which has short words. If you try to repeat a five or seven syllables Polish world you will be lost. You need to see it broken down and practice it. Make a personal mnemonic and own the word. It takes time. You need to see it on paper and work with it. Much longer than for Spanish or French which are easy languages. If you learn to speak basic words in Polish your brain will grow. I promise. I give you the keys, from someone who has learned (and no I am not good with languages).
  • MP3 Polish – I give you MP3s anyway with this program.  You can practice, the verbs, sentences and nouns.
  • Polish Art – The art was created by a real Polish artist. They are real art. That alone gives them value. These are picture to word cards. More economical and eloquent than Rosetta. At first your brain will fight a little to place the meaning to the word as they are abstract words and ideas, but that is the point. They were not created to be childish images of an apple and the word apple. They are for your brain to try to grasp and understand.

I could go on, but order my Polish language flashcards and learn Polish today. They are a fraction of the price of large program or a school, the only difference is these flashcards work.

How do I order? This is still a work in progress so they are not ready yet. They will be $49 dollars, which includes shipping and handling etc. You get a box of cards and the rest is up to you. Write me if you have interest.


If you would like to learn Polish I made this free online course for grammar. Go to -> Learn Polish grammar for free online. However, I am also creating professional high quality Polish language flashcards, that work. These are beautiful hand drawn flashcards focusing on Polish verbs. Write me if you have interest and I will let you know when they are ready. Fastest way to learn Polish known to man Also write me if you have any questions about Poland in general, as I am an American that has lived in Poland many years. I am also a Polish citizen and it is a country which I love.