Learn about Poland and the Polish language – The Ultimate online guide

The purpose of this site is to give you a clear, uncluttered free site to learn Polish online with a focus on Polish grammar.

Go to -> Learn Polish grammar for free online.

I am creating professional high quality Polish flashcards. These will be physical, not virtual online flashcards, but real hand drawn Polish flashcards you can take anywhere, on a train or plane or while your shopping at the mall or to bed. With these you will learn Polish. If you write me I will let you know when they will me complete.

Fastest way to learn Polish known to man

However, it is just not a site about the language, it is also about Poland, the people, culture and society and people around the world who are looking to reconnect with Poland. It will include Polish history, Polish music, travel information about Poland. I am an American that has lived in Krakow, Poland for many years.
A place for people of Polish ancestry and those who love the culture of Poland can Learn Polish online for free

The first  part of my language site is a free course that teaches Polish grammar online, read more.

How should you study Polish grammar?

I have created 1000  crisp, well organized, no nonsense drills in Polish grammar presented in a practical, not acedemic way.  Training and drilling in my opinion is the best way to learn basic Polish grammar, better than a course at Jagiellonian university. On the other hand learning grammar using grammar  tables, or traditional classes is hard, but I did include some, use these as a last resort.

I am not a Polish language native speaker but was able to learn the language with hard work, with blood, sweat and tears.  So I thought the least I could do is help others learn this language.

This site consists of  a lot  pages about Poland and Polish culture. Please feel free to explore my website and try my Polish grammar course.