Polish language history culture


Hi, my name is Mark. I am a Polish and an American Citizen. This site is about the language, history, and culture of Poland.

Although I was born in the USA, since I was a kid I have been crazy about Poland. My grandparents came from Poland. My parents were born in America as was I. I must have this love of Poland in my genes. My parents could not figure me out.

If you can relate to loving this great culture read my website.

Here you will learn about:

  • Polish Language
  • Polish History
  • Polish Culture

The website was started years ago and I have not added much since. However, I am starting to work on it again.

Here is my mini Polish Grammar Course which is free. Polish Grammar is mostly about cases. Once you get the idea, it will be easier.

However, easier than grammar from the start is to learn the vocabulary first.

You can write me at mbiernat@hotmail.com if you have an interest in a complete Polish language course I am writing. It will be mp3 based and everything you will need to know to learn Polish. I learned Polish as an adult this way.

So explore my site and comment and write ideas on how I might improve this and make it a resource for others around the world like me who love Poland.

I live in Florida now with my wife Kasia and my family. I am getting a PhD in Economics in Poland, the country I lived in much of my life. I really live in both countries.