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Do Polish girls want to marry Americans?

Poles love Americans and Americans love Poles. However, dating is a little more complicated and not what many people think. This is not the 1980s and Poland is not the Soviet Union, nor was it ever. Polish girls choose guys because they are in love and a subconscious component of this is they are compatible including culture.

Do Polish girls want to marry western guys?

I do not know, it took a year for my wife to even would go out on a date me because she thought I was a foreign guy who wanted to play. Only when she got to know me, then she we start meeting and dating. Basically I had to move to Poland to date her.

My beautiful family, I thank God for.

Let me tell you a story. It was funny one day I pulled out my Polish identity card after knowing her for about nine months. She was asking me who is this with the last name of ‘Biernat’. I said that is me, she said what, I though you last name was Smith. I said  I am Polish. Needless to say I she was pretty happy.

It is not that she did not want to date a foreigner (me) it is that it makes like complicated. Many English guys come for a weekend and the go home. Many people come from different cultures and religions or are not religious and where will they get married, how will they raise their children? It is easier to marry someone of the same religion and a nice boy to take home to the parents.

  • Irish, Polish and Italian marriages actually work pretty well. Many Muslim and Polish marriage work because both are religious people. But agnostics cultures and Poles do not mix well as there are cultural differences.
  • Poles who are Americans really find happiness and bliss in Poland with Polish partners as there are similarities and difference but just enough to make it interesting.

 Culture is a reason marriages to foreigners are always martial bliss

Having lived in Eastern Europe a good part of my life I can tell you that most women there love their guys and want to marry their guys, same culture can bring them home to Mama. Polish girls want Polish guys, and Russian girls are very nationalistic and want Russian guys.  Yet in every culture, even American we complain about our own. We complain about American women and American women complain about us. It is nature. Polish girls complain about Polish men sometimes. Even in the Bible Jesus said a prophet is not honored in his home town, or something like this.

However, the other extreme is I see British and Polish marriages break after a few years from the strain of two different realities. Their approaches to life are different.

Two types of American guys looking for love in Poland

  • Americans and Poles are more congruent culturally, but it depends are you talking Americans with a real love of Europe and maybe Catholic; or some sport watching American who is pround of his business accomplishments, thinking money impresses girls (it does not and I defy anyone who tells me it does).
  • Yet still, some Americans mistakenly think because they are from the west they can just import a Polish girl for a wife. I tell them not so fast, if you do this and not understand the complexities of the cultures than you will wake up one day and realize you married just another farm girl from Kansas with red shoes.

Further, I know a lot of American girls dating or married to Eastern Europeans and living in Eastern Europe. I know many people on my blog asking how to marry an Eastern European for a passport. This is not the stereotype that Polish girls are dreaming of marrying a western guy to escape. Yeah right. On he contrary, I think many Americans escape to Poland like I did.

Again, before I married my wife I learned Polish and went to her Church. We fit well, as well being madly in love.

EU factor in marriage

Look All EU citizens are like US citizens, free movement of labor and capital. There are millions of Poles in the UK and Ireland. Many marry there, but the USA is a zillion miles away and the standard is just OK.

Look if I was a chick and wanted a better life I would go to Norway or Sweden or France, a million other places close to home in the EU than the USA.   In Europe you have free medical, universities,  care long vacations (months) interesting history, in the USA the economy is just OK.  I love the states but I would not say we are the empire we once were.

Life in Krakow shops – look at this article I wrote about shopping in Krakow, look at the photos,  It is not a bad life in Poland you know.

So are foreigners special?

Yes because there is a novelty in being different. But there is a lot more to love than just novelty.

living in Poland

Life in Poland Vs. life in the USA

Poland and The USA are two different worlds entirely. The USA is sunny and positive and casual. Poland is cold, dark and romantic. There is an ancient feel in Poland, something almost mystical. I have often said that in the USA life is easy, in Poland life is beautiful.

People in Poland day to day

However, not to romanticized too much about Poland there are some difficult sides. The people had the War then communism. As a result people can appear not as friendly initially as you might be use to. I would say this applies to the cities like Warsaw, Krakow etc, not to the villages. However, do not misunderstand me.

In the US for example, people are superficially positive and friendly, sometimes but it is only on the surface. In contrast in Poland people might be cold initially on the outside but when you get to know then it is a world of difference. People often say this about other Northern Countries, like Scandinavian countries.

I have never had an issue with Poland people beyond grumpiness. It is a Catholic country and people treat people with respect. They will help you on the streets if you are lost and like to interact with foreigners and use English, even if you want to speak Polish.

Life in the village

Village life is totally different and people are more easy-going. In the cities they are charging ahead and trying to get and take as much as they can. I would say Polish cities have the feel of NYC in the 1970s, that is a lot of unfriendly and rude people. Polish people taking advantage of Polish people and foreigners coupled with long faces and a low-level of customer service. I think this is most seen in the people in their 50s. People in the 20s are like Americans, positive and friendly as are Poles in their 30s.. The character of American cities have change a lot over forty years and I suspect this will happen in Poland also. I do not want to say anything bad about Poland, but just want to give some people a heads up that sometimes you might encounter some rude people and this is because of communism. It has nothing to do with Poland or the Polish people, just a group of people that are going away that learned the way to interact with people under communism.

Poland is gothic, romantic and something to explore – in Contrast the USA can ebe cookie cutter or seem plastic at times

I am almost 100% positive on Poland, however, there are some things to be aware of. I can not tell you the number of people who have tried to use me in Poland. In the USA it would not happen as much, but it does happen. So you have to be vigilant. When I moved to Poland I thought Polish people could do not wrong. I learned they were just people like all over the world, some are sheeps and some are wolves.

It is easy to go to the dark side and get sucked into the negativity around you. I am sure it was communism that changed the attitude of Polish people. It is not all Polish people just those who have an attitude from communism that nothing good can come from Poland. It is not true. Poland is a blessed nation.

On the other hand, I lived in Poland about ten years and did so for a reason, because I love Poland and it is one of the most amazing places on earth.  I think the women are beautiful, slim and attractive as well as educated if you are a single guy, hint – hint. The history and culture are rich, it is in the center of Europe and it has beautiful nature.

My day in Poland Vs. My day in the USA

I moved to St. Augustine, Florida recently. I would say that life is different from Poland. Not in prices as much as what I do.

My day here in the USA is, writing, swimming surfing, biking and sun.
My day in Poland was writing, and rocking shopping centers (for example) and going to parks and museums,  or other shopping malls (because it was too cold). On the weekends or vacation I traveled all over Europe and Poland. I hike in nature in Poland. In both countries I enjoy gardening.

My point is day to day life in not much different. You work and play within the context of your interests. Poland has more cultural things to do and the US has easier road travel.

Shopping in the USA vs Poland

Poland and USA are equal in terms of shopping in 2019, you have Amazon and Netflix in both countries. I would have to say I like Poland generally better for the culture and American for the weather.

Beside that it is similar.

I tend to think you need more money in the USA to have the same standard of life. Housing is pricey in the USA and it is more about keeping up with the Jones. In Poland you can buy a nice city apartment for a fraction of the price of the US. Also if you buy local food is more expensive in the USA by far. Only gas is cheaper in the US, but Poland has better transportation.

I have said all along, with one million zlotys in Poland, you can have a big car (automatic), full cable on a flat screen, travel Europe to sunny locations, a nice wooden house in the countryside where you actually keep the heat cranked. A very nice life. This way you can insulate yourself from the darkness and cold.

On the other hand you can live much cheaper in Poland if you want to, and do not have such high expectations about lifestyle. You could rent a basic flat in a block and eat at the milk bars. Its an interesting life. Nothing like the USA, it has a rustic authentic feel. Maybe you need about 4k PLN a month and you will have a good life.

In contrast in Florida where I live now, it is a different world here. The water is still warm.  I think December and January and February I will be going to the gym more than ocean, basically winter. I am enjoying the easy going life in warm weather and friendly customer service.

Weather in Poland and the USA

Polish people say – ‘ our weather is normal  we have 4 seasons’.  No it is not normal.  It is three season.  PA is normal, NC is normal. It is because they are used to it, they say it is normal. But most of the world’s population does not live that high north in the globe. I am not saying it is bad, a lot of smart people come from northern places as they are inside living a surreal existence of  cold blue dark winter.

  • Poland has 3 seasons     Winter, Spring, fall
  • St. Augustine, Florida where I live has 2 seasons.  Summer and spring – the exact opposite seasons in the other direction.  I might go surfing today, we have this boggy board. I do not know if I prefer the heat or the cold but in Florida I enjoy growing food all year around.
  • NC and PA has a true 4 seasons.

If you like skiing and winter sports like skating Poland is fun.   I was going to get x-country ski in Poland.   We went ice skating and that was fun.  Also it is a lot of fun if you need to focus on work and you can be cozy watching the snow fall from your window.  Steven King writes in Maine and it does not stop him.  Cold weather is great for working too.

So this is a short post to get a discussion going on Poland Vs. the USA. I would be curious to hear other people’s experiences.

living in Poland Poland

Life in Poland – What is it like?

Everyday life in Poland

As an American who has spent a good part of his life in Poland (I am a Polish citizen also) I have a unique perceptive on life in Poland. I can see this better than a native Pole in some ways as I have something to compare it with.The bottom line here is life in American is easy but life in Poland is beautiful.

Despite the fact that Poles love to complain and be contradictory and argue that things are wrong, the reality I think most of them in their hearts know how beautiful of a country it is.

The way I see Poland

The first thing you will notice about Poland is life is sweeter. You do not make as much money or have all the niceties of living in the US or UK but life has a quality all its own. It is like living in another century. If you have ever seen the movie ‘Kate and Leopold’, you have the idea. Life has a different feel to it that you can not describe. Yes, in the States we have more Playstation, but so what.

It would be hard to argue life in Poland is anything but beautiful

What I mean is there are just as many things in Poland as in the USA to buy and consume, however, the culture here is people would rather spend their time in a park reading a book than a mall. People are much closer to their families and often live three generation in the same house. Unless you live in a city, every Polish person I know has a small piece of land and they grow something.

Being a good human and Christian is the focus of most unless you are one of these new rich metro men.

Green Krakow - note the monestary on the right

Economics of Poland

The first thing people ask is what is it like in terms of the economy.  What is the cost of living in Poland? Well Poland is a modern EU country that left communism a quarter of a century ago. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit you can make as much money as you want in Poland. Working at job is harder you need to have concrete skills. If you are an entrepreneur or a manager you will be richer than your counterparts in London or New York if you factor in the Polish standard of living and lifestyle. I know people will disagree with me on this, but human labor, from baby sitters to house cleaners, special tutors for your children, personal trainers and massage people and garners are very cheap. You can buy local organic vegetables that cost a lot in the USA. You can take vacations to places like Crimea or the Baltic for relatively little money.

How can you say Poland is poor?

If you are a worker you will be about 20% poor than in the USA. That is the reality because Poland had the war and communism.But not everything is about Złoty and dollars. Further, Poles get around the system a lot so what they report might not be the reality. I see a lot of big cars in Poland and nice houses.

Small mall in Poland

It will take until about 2025 until Poland is on par with the West in terms of worker. But in terms of managers and business owners, except for the extremes it is already there, actually higher as reported in the Economist magzine. I wrote an article on Why Polish wages are low.

If you make money, you have a nice life in Poland

Dating life in Poland

It is 100% better for love and marriage. If you are marriage in Poland you wife will stand by your side and be very loyal. She will not care about money and it would be considered gouache to focus on such things. Not every Polish girl is like this as there are new Poles who are as bad or worse than the US and will divorce you or not date you if you are not making money. But generally Polish dating is all about marriage and having a family. If you are not married it is a great place to find a spouse. Ask me if you have questions.

Day to-day life in Poland

It is the same as all over the world, except things move at a slower pace. People are more relaxed and easy-going. If you send someone and e-mail do not expect it to be returned right away. Even me, I am lazy about this but in the USA I would not do this.

It depends if you live in the city or country in Poland.

Polish farm house in anytown, Poland - the coutryside is amazing.

In Poland I shop for food everyday. My wife cooks homemade meals from scratch everyday. Poles do not go out to eat too much as if you have a Polish wife cooking what is the point, the food will be of lower quality at a restaurant.

Garden house in Krakow - at least I hope it is a garden house.

Living in Poland is like living anywhere else in Europe. I think the Poles tend to be more connected to nature as manifest by the large percentage of people in Poland who have farms or gardens. Even in Krakow, there are a number of garden houses.

Now this is a charming garden house in Krakow

Polish weather is not the best

I would say six months you stay inside because of winter. Three months are 50-50 and three months are ideal. Summer all business basically slow down to a snail’s pace.

Try to get something done in the summer. You will notice the whole country is on vacation. Krakow, the Baltic coast Warsaw even is left for the tourists.

People are not smiling as much in Poland,  I think mostly because of the weather. It is a micro climate where moisture from the Atalanta meets cold weather from the north and it is mostly damp, cloudy and cool.

I would say only one in five days are really sunny at best.

Are Polish people friendly?

I think generally Polish people are friendly. You always have more primitive people who are negative and angry about life, but in my experience people are very nice in Poland. If someone is upset at life they will be upset at the world. It is not you. While in America, I think people are more friendly, at least on a superficial level. It is more like it takes people time to trust you and you have to earn your respect.

Customer service in Poland

It is getting better but not the best. Basically if something breaks it is your problem, even if the EU grants you a two-year warranty. To get a return on a defective product you need to prove everything and they will still tell you no. But in the end if you argue you will get it, because that is the law. Do not yield to intimidation. The first answer will always be ‘no’. It is your problem. Why are you bothering me. You need to complain to the top.

Government in Poland

It is exactly like customer service. At the basic level it makes paperwork hard. People take it easy and do not know their job. However, at a higher level, the people in charge are very responsible and want to improve the system. I think Poland is still a socialist country weighted down by an army of bureaucrats. It is changing fast but not fast enough. Poland could be one of the richest countries in Europe, in seven years, if it eliminated the income tax. However, to do this it would have to modernized, computerize all aspects of government. It would have to privatize the social state. In return it would be a rich country for all.

Demographically Poland is going from 40 million to 35 million very soon. People have few kids and many leave for the USA, UK and now Germany as the EU is one market. In some ways this is great, housing prices in Poland should continue to fall, but on the other hand the fat government will not be able to pay the bills and will tax the people or to p[ay for the fat bureaucrats pensions. I do not know what will happen. I think eventually Poland will invite immigrants from Ukraine and Asia and Turkey. If you want to get a Polish citizenship and you have Polish roots, you are welcome.

Transportation in Poland

Going on a decade of living here and I do not need a car. Does that say something. Every small town as a good bus or rail connection and every city has trams and buses. It is very easy to get around Europe without a car. I have never had a problem. Polish people complain about Polish roads but there is less traffic here. In Krakow you can get from one end of the city to another in 1/2 hour. Try doing that in Boston, maybe you can on a Sunday, but not Monday morning rush hour.

Sports in Poland

People are not as into sports as in the USA. except for soccer every one is pretty much just walking for fitness. There are gyms of course, but people ride bikes and walk and look very thin, not as meaty as American guys for example, more intellectual. But Americans are very smart people, just more like the ancient Romans and the European like the ancient Greeks. People play chess a lot like in all Eastern European post communist countries.

Education in Poland

It is a classical education, focused on literature, languages, history and religious as well as science and math. No Political correctness added. More about know Polish literature and history and liberal arts. I like this ideal. The average Poles is much more aware of the world than most people in the west about geography and art and literature. No question, however, people in the West have a more realistic view of business and understanding of markets. Poeple in the USA understand a job is to make money and do a service. In Poland people granduate with Masters degrees and think it is below them to work in a shop. This is crazy, just because you have a degree means nothing. Polish students need to realize this.

Religious life is important in Poland

Do not be mislead that region is gone. Religious families have many children, not religious new Poles do not have kids. Do the math. New Poles might win out, however, I think no one can predict the future. Today, faith is very alive in Poland and the center of life for most.

Family and faith is the center.

Everyday life centers on faith and family in Eastern Europe.

I love living in Poland and if you have any questions or are thinking of moving to Poland, just write.

living in Poland Poland

Moving to Poland from the US

US to Poland – Why I moved

About seven years ago I moved from the US to Poland. Many people could not believe it. I moved from Boston’s Beacon Hill to Kraków, Poland.  Do not get me wrong, I am a patriot. I love America but that does not mean I have to limit my life experiences.

Since pictures speak louder than words, I took these photos today just walking around my house.  They are nothing special but gives you a real idea what life is like in Poland and why I would want to move from the US.

Poland is so beautiful it is not hard to move from the US to Poland

My grandparents came from Poland many years ago. I have always had an interest in Poland and Polish history from afar. After taking several trips to Poland I decided to study the Polish language in Kraków for a few months. But why did I move? I meet the girl who was to be my future wife. It was my destiny.

We would not have stayed if I did not love Polska.

Hard working Polish workers making Poland greater everyday

Why I moved to Poland and stayed

  • The USA is about 200% to 300% more expensive than Poland for the same exact things.
  • People are very humble and sincere, churches everywhere and people take family and church seriously.
  • It is the center of Europe and from Poland you can go anywhere in a short distance. I often go to Lviv, Vienna , Africa, Greece or the Northern countries with ease.
  • A new experience.
  • Poland has great food, if you love Polish cooking and fresh home cooked meals, you will love Poland. Fresh food in Poland tastes nothing like these large farm grown produce in the United States.
  • Interesting history and culture and art.
  • Countless other reasons I moved from the US to Poland.

Poland gets better everyday

About five years ago people use to say Polish people complain a lot. I do not think that is the case much anymore. Poles are pretty optimistic and every year the economy is getting better and better. Life is pretty good in Poland.  Life is real in Poland, not some something that comes in a package and is heated in a microwave.  People enjoy their lives with 8 weeks of family vacations a year.

You will feel no deprivation of consumer goods as Poland has huge shopping malls like or as nice than the USA

The people here have a strong sense of family and values.  I think in innocence and values it was like America in the early 1960s.  I hope it does not change too much.

Window shopping is always fun on the largest open square in all of Europe.

What about consumer goods when moving to Poland?

You can get anything you want in Poland and usually at a better price and quality. Many things are still made in Poland and most thins come with a two year EU warranty.

Modern Polish trams move people in Poland around their ancient cities.

Basically you have a USA lifestyle that is more interesting, mentally stimulating, 1/2 to 1/3 the price more peaceful, no guns and few violent crimes, free education to the University level and health care. Polish weather is better than the UK or Ireland or many northern countries but not as hot as Spain or Italy. But that is what vacation is for and I enjoy the four seasons in Poland. It is like living in New England.
Poland has mountains and the sea as well as lakes and ancient forests all very beautiful.

I am thinking of moving from the center of Kraków to a wooden house in the Polish countryside.

I have my apartment set up like I did when I lived in the USA. It is large and furnished with Ikea, high-speed Internet.  No standard of living difference.
I have no idea why the expensive USA is still the ideal to live in when the world now is global.

Gothic buildings are everywhere in Poland.

If you need advice on moving to Poland from the USA or Canada or from where ever you live, leave a comment. If you need to know about work in Poland or a visa or citizenship I will answer the best I can.

A Polish church on my street

If you need travel advice, or any ideas about moving to Poland again just write a comment and I will answer the best I can.

Krakow living in Poland Poland

Where to live in Poland? – city or country

When I grew up I loved the countryside.  I grew up in New England in the countryside I wanted to stay. In fact, when I moved to NYC out of college I thought why?  Everything I wanted was in small town New England. I had lakes and fields to play in, I have a beautiful old library, fitness center and shopping at some local stores.

When I became a city person

I became a city guy when I was a consultant.  I traveled to most of the major US cities and live the consultant lifestyle in hotels and corporate apartments.  By the time I took a job in Boston, I only wanted to live in Beacon Hill, Boston.  I loved Beacon Hill for its old town center city lifestyle. I found I could live and work in the city and on the weekends enjoy the countryside in New Hampshire.  So I thought what was the point of living in the country as opposed to the city.

My next big city move was Krakow, Poland where I have lived for about six years.   I have become quite attached to city life.  I have though of building a house in the countryside of Poland, a nice wooden log home.  However, the though of being in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but watch the grass grow, bores me.

City or country living?

I guess I make a huge switch from country to city. I love living in a Polish city like Krakow.  I am curious if you prefer the city or the country and what your experiences with the two lifestyles have been?

living in Poland Poland

Polish homes

The purpose of this post is to talk about homes in Poland just from my personal view.

Why I know about Polish homes

I am in the American that lives in Poland. I have lived here for many years.  One thing I have noticed about the Polish landscape is the style of houses are different than those in the United States.  The United States has an eclectic style of homes.  Poland has a style, the cities are ancient and amazing, it looks like Europe.

Polish style of homes in the country

  • The Polish style home is in my opinion are stronger than your typical American home, however build more for efficiency than style.
  • Some of the nicer styles imitate the old manor estates that have a neo-classical look.

Almost all Polish homes are made of stone with some sort of stucco on the outside.  Polish people like this because they feel it’s more sturdy.   This may be true.  They look a lot like home you see in Florida, that is the style of  stucco white homes often red roofs and windows to converse energy. The new style Polish homes are really nice and like the new rich of America have.
My style of house

My own style of home, is something that has been natural elements like would and a lot of class and windows.  I believe light is very important particularly in Poland.  The reason is in the winter it is a very dark country, and you need to maximize light.

Polish homes try to save on heating bills, the news ones have large windows as people are not going for style over saving every little penny.  This may have been true in the past way and you had the stain single class windows, however now all and even in my apartment I have the state doubled last windows and I don’t have a major problem with my heating bill.  Remember most of the heat I believe extends through the windows, and perhaps doors.  However if you have this double thick glass in the windows then it’s not an issue.  In fact, you should haveas much window as possible save almost have solar heating.

Another reason why Polish homes have small windows is because builders quote potential clients price per meter.  If the price is smaller there is a more chance they will buy, and the homes with the smaller windows have the smaller price. People not having a lot of money look at the bottom line price per meter.  Polish people are very smart and practical and always looking at price per meter and every aspect to maximize value.

If I build a home in Poland

Therefore, if I ever to build a home in Poland and gonna make it in a unique style with a lot of class and a lot of glass, with the roof that does not create a shadow over the windows, and will probably be made over would.

Perhaps I’m too used to seeing American style homes that are very eclectic and I can see this right off when I came to Poland.  Polish homes are starting to evolve into a much nicer style, as people here grow rich. Another idea is a wood log home.  I know many Americans do not like these but if done right it is very cozy and the long Polish winters can be endured better.

If you have any questions about homes in Poland, or in eastern Europe in general please write me and let me know or simply leave a comment on my Polish homes post.

living in Poland Poland

Cost in Poland

What is the cost of living in Poland?  Not much compared to the UK or USA. Is living in Poland expensive?  No.  Many people from Poland say that things are more expensive in Poland than in the USA. I think this is false. Living in Poland is cheap and low while low cost.

Living costs in Poland compared to the USA

What does cost of living mean? Living in Poland or the USA means:

  1. Rent or mortgage payment.
  2. Food expenses per week.
  3. Utilities.
  4. Transportation costs
  5. Extra day to day things, like vitamins or herbs or jeans.
  6. One off expenditures and large purchases, like computers.
  7. Vacations and events.

Clearly he first four items on the list is 99% of your budget.  I would say rent and food is your biggest perhaps 90%.  So why do people focus on the other items when making a comparison?

Cost in Poland is lower than most countries

Cost of unusual expenses in Poland

What Polish people do is go to the USA and see a computer selling at Best Buy and it it a full 50 dollars cheaper than in Poland.  They say wow, things are so cheap here in the USA and Poland is expensive.  I think this is untrue.

I have compared computer prices in Poland and the USA and they are the same price. You can get a 400 dollar computer in Poland or the USA.  However, when you do the comparison remember to calculate the US sales tax into the price (Polish VAT is already in the quoted price).  Further, it is sometimes cheaper in Poland.  If a computer part is more expensive I just order from ebay UK or USA.

In almost every case it is cheaper on Allegro the Polish online store. Polish people are very clever and this is a global market.  If there is a way to get it cheaper, Polish people will figure this out.

I shop at Auchen’s a French Walmart in Poland.  If you are low cost you can shop there. I can get blue jeans for a little over 2 dollars there.

But the real question here is how often do you buy a computer?  I still have my Sony Vaio from seven years ago and I am an IT guy. Therefore, when considering cost of living in Poland you have to look at what your real monthly cost are in Poland.

Furniture expenses in Poland

On one hand I bought a little wooden hand made chair for 5 dollars. Anything in the USA is from China.  This was from the Polish mountains.

However, on the other hand IKEA prices are about the same, maybe a couple of Złoty more.

Cost of rent or real estate in Poland

This is the real cost.  I pay about 400 dollarsfor my rent in the old town of Krakow.  I paid in Boston for the same flat 1,800 dollars.  How can you tell me that Poland has high cost or is expensive?

Food cost about 1/3 the price in Poland than the USA. People will disagree with on this but I downloaded the USDA price list and compared it to a Polish market list.  The prices cost less in Poland. I compared apples to apples if you may.

Food and rent are your biggest costs in Poland because you are not buying the other things everyday. This is what it really means to price out costs in Poland.

Food costs in Poland

Cheddar cheese is about 2 dollars a pound in Poland.  Potatoes about 10 cents a pound, eggs a dollar a for ten.  However, it all depends where you shop. If you shop at Alma or some little expensive shop of course you will pay, but still a lower costs then then USA.  But if you get things from the farmers or a large super market food is a fraction of the price of the USA.

Also when you make a comparison remember that most of the stuff I buy is organic farmers produce, you would have to pay whole foods prices for anything to come close to the quality.

There is no way you can tell me that the food you buy in the USA, most of which comes from huge Mexican agribusiness farms is the same quality as food grown on local organic farms in Poland.  My wife’s parents are farmers.  Most farms are organic and in Poland and most people I know have relatives in farming, up to 25 % of the country.  So again regardless of the costs, Poland is a better place to buy food.

Doctors in Poland – costs

It costs about 25 dollars for a doctors visit in Poland.  Or it is free if you pay taxes as I do.

Education cost in Poland

You have three kids that want to go to University and get a masters or PhD?  What is the cost in Poland.  Free.  Cost in the USA is about 25k a year and that is only undergrad.

America is an expensive place.  Poland is a low cost country.

How much does it cost to live in Poland

You can live quite well on about 10k a year in Poland.   Can you do this in the USA?

If you live in Poland with a total cost of 20k a year that is a very good life.

Is Poland a poor country if costs are low

Polish costs? A very old Polish house, something from the past. Poland is not a poor country like people imagine, Low cost in Poland and good income make it relatively rich.

Poland is a normal EU country.  It is still not at the standard of if you are a London money manager.  However, the economist magazine compared costs in Poland and if you are a senior manager all costs and salaries considered you have a better life in Poland. Income has to be seen in relation to costs.

Since I live here in Poland as an American in Boston, I could have told you that.  Poland is a beautiful place to live.  The only problem is you need an income. However, that is the problem anywhere you live.

If you have a global income, you will live quite well in Poland where costs are low.  If you have questions or comments please leave a reply.  Or if you have ever thought about moving to Poland and curious about costs in Poland please write.