Learn Polish – normal person’s guide to the language

I interviewed one of my friends who learned Polish. He studied Polish as an adult and learned it to the fluency level.
In his posts he tells you what he did to learn Polish. Further he tells you why some people do not learn a language and lastly gives some advice on how to learn a language.

99.99 % of people are language hacks, if you are one like me, just take a different tack, that is memorize words and do not listen to all the arrogant good-toe shoes “linguistics experts”.

Here is the web address of my other site which has this interview in four parts. The first part is the most boring and you can skip to the second part of the interview if you would like, which is the meat of the interview.

After reading this interview please come back and leave your impression on it.  Also let me know how you personally learned Polish if you have already.

If you are starting to  learning Polish

If you are just starting out learning Polish, take heart, you can speak the language.  It just take a little bit of motivation and the right method.

I personally moved to  Poland and speak Polish now. I learned it myself.  I think my friend in the interview speaks Polish much better than I.  I am more the cobbler who wears the worst shoes.  That is not true, but he is at a higher level.  I speak Polish all day long, watch movies and read books in Polish and write in Polish, it’s just that I have to improve my grammar a bit. I want to sound like Adam Mickiewicz, but in Polish talk more like Arthur Fonzarelli, which is not bad.

OK read the Interview with a Polish speaker and let me know what you think.

Update: On how a normal person can learn the language of the Poles

I moved back to the USA after living Poland for many years and my passion for the language or people have not decreased. It is a funny thing, even though I am not great with languages it has stuck in my brain. I have not forgotten it. I think people who learn it with rules and the proper way to not retain the information as well when they stop using it. People who use unconventional methods I think are more prone to losing it.

7 Tricks to learn Polish

  1. Learn words and memorizes them by drilling them with repetitive listing to mp3s.
  2. Listen to these Mp3s on your sofa or when falling a sleep, let them sink in.
  3. Focus on words or just pieces of words and see what happens after that. Break the words up into small bits. One Polish word is like three English words.
  4. Use mnemonics to help the words stick to your memory. Draw the words with your figure in the air or in your imagination anything that words.
  5. Poles are not used to foreigners speaking their language so do not be intimidated by their mocks on you, keep a straight face and keep talking.
  6. Do not regress and let them practice English with you.
  7. Watch YouTube for Polish songs and try to get the rhythm of the language.

If you have questions just ask.

Language Polish grammar

What is Polish grammar

What Is Polish Grammar?

Polish grammar really is just word endings; so, do not let people scare you. Those who like to feel superior, say, it will take years and years of work to speak the Polish language…oh and you must have a gift. However, I went to Poland knowing only the vocabulary and swallowing the endings and I was understood. To speak Polish like a poet or news anchor person, it takes patience, but to communicate with people on the street or a potential mate, it’s easier than you think.

So, if you can think of Polish grammar simply as mostly word endings, then it is less intimidating.

Also, it’s all attitude. If you think of it as fun and easy, it will be. If you think of this as impossible, it will be. Try to be open.

Language Polish grammar

How to learn Polish grammar

How to learn Polish grammar-Polish Grammar Method

The method of approach is:

1.  Depending on your level of knowledge, you might need to read through a basic explanation of Polish grammar theory.

I have some basic explanations of Polish grammar, but I put them at the bottom and they are rather scant. My purpose here is not to replicate what already exists on the web. My purpose is to be your drill master. Drilling Polish grammar is what makes this site great; you can not “read” Polish grammar and do a few examples exercise and expect to know it — you must drill! Drill Polish grammar until you know it through hundreds of exercises on Polish grammar.
2. Memorize the Polish grammar declination tables, the best you can.
3. Take my quizzes.

These quizzes are drills. You need to devote ninety percent of your time on the Polish grammar quizzes. This testing and drilling is where the real learning solidification of Polish grammar takes place. There is no way to get around drilling, until you get a feel for the language.

This Polish grammar site is a free site to learn Polish grammar. The purpose of this Polish grammar site is to present a crisp, clear, concise course in Polish grammar. Polish Grammar drills are the best way to learn Polish Grammar. Using charts and books will not teach you Polish grammar as fast as drills. Learn Polish grammar with ease.