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  • Learn Polish – normal person’s guide to the language

    I interviewed one of my friends who learned Polish. He studied Polish as an adult and learned it to the fluency level. In his posts he tells you what he did to learn Polish. Further he tells you why some people do not learn a language and lastly gives some advice on how to learn […]

  • What is Polish grammar

    What Is Polish Grammar? Polish grammar really is just word endings; so, do not let people scare you. Those who like to feel superior, say, it will take years and years of work to speak the Polish language…oh and you must have a gift. However, I went to Poland knowing only the vocabulary and swallowing […]

  • How to learn Polish grammar

    How to learn Polish grammar-Polish Grammar Method The method of approach is: 1.  Depending on your level of knowledge, you might need to read through a basic explanation of Polish grammar theory. I have some basic explanations of Polish grammar, but I put them at the bottom and they are rather scant. My purpose here […]