What is Polish grammar

What Is Polish Grammar?

Polish grammar really is just word endings; so, do not let people scare you. Those who like to feel superior, say, it will take years and years of work to speak the Polish language…oh and you must have a gift. However, I went to Poland knowing only the vocabulary and swallowing the endings and I was understood. To speak Polish like a poet or news anchor person, it takes patience, but to communicate with people on the street or a potential mate, it’s easier than you think.

So, if you can think of Polish grammar simply as mostly word endings, then it is less intimidating.

Also, it’s all attitude. If you think of it as fun and easy, it will be. If you think of this as impossible, it will be. Try to be open.




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  1. Penny Reynolds

    Your first drill – identifying Polish cases – has a number of irritating features. No 1 would be that sometimes there are two cases in a sentence, but only one right answer. This happens a number of times. No. 2 would be question 24 is in my opinion wrong. You say it’s accusative and locative, I think, whereas it’s one of the other options you give.

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