How to learn Polish grammar

How to learn Polish grammar-Polish Grammar Method

The method of approach is:

1.  Depending on your level of knowledge, you might need to read through a basic explanation of Polish grammar theory.

I have some basic explanations of Polish grammar, but I put them at the bottom and they are rather scant. My purpose here is not to replicate what already exists on the web. My purpose is to be your drill master. Drilling Polish grammar is what makes this site great; you can not “read” Polish grammar and do a few examples exercise and expect to know it — you must drill! Drill Polish grammar until you know it through hundreds of exercises on Polish grammar.
2. Memorize the Polish grammar declination tables, the best you can.
3. Take my quizzes.

These quizzes are drills. You need to devote ninety percent of your time on the Polish grammar quizzes. This testing and drilling is where the real learning solidification of Polish grammar takes place. There is no way to get around drilling, until you get a feel for the language.

This Polish grammar site is a free site to learn Polish grammar. The purpose of this Polish grammar site is to present a crisp, clear, concise course in Polish grammar. Polish Grammar drills are the best way to learn Polish Grammar. Using charts and books will not teach you Polish grammar as fast as drills. Learn Polish grammar with ease.




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