Free online course

Free online course

This course is about drills. Do the drills first until you know them by heart. The Polish lessons and table are written after the fact. To learn Polish you need to drill because the grammar is too complex to learn in a normal way. Get a general idea what is going on but then drill with exercises.

Polish grammar noun case identification exercises 1
Polish grammar noun case endings exercises 2
Polish grammar cases in sentences exercises 3
Polish grammar adjective cases exercises 4
Polish grammar possessives exercises 5
Polish grammar possessives exercises 6
Polish grammar verbs present tense exercises 7
Polish grammar verbs past tense exercises 8
Polish grammar verbs future tense exercises 9
Polish grammar questions exercises 10

This section contains list of Polish Grammar lessons and tables. These lessons are not the focus of this site but I include a few lessons and tables for reference that coincide with the drills. If anyone wants to add to these Polish grammar lessons and tables please let me know. However, because my focus is on drilling, I recommend a grammar book or other sites as your primary reference resource for Polish grammar.

Polish grammar noun case identification lessons 1
Polish grammar noun case endings lessons 2
Polish grammar cases in sentences lessons 3
Polish grammar adjective cases lessons 4
Polish grammar possessives lessons 5
Polish grammar prepositions lessons 6
Polish grammar verbs present tense lessons 7
Polish grammar verbs past tense lessons 8
Polish grammar verbs future tense lessons 9
Polish grammar questions lessons 10

Polish grammar noun case identification tables 1
Polish grammar noun case endings tables 2






29 responses to “Free online course”

  1. Jagoda

    Cześć jestem Jagoda. Urodziłam się w Polska, Kraków, ale gdy miałam 4 lata przeprowadziliśmy się do Bułgarii. Mówię, bułgarski, ale polski – trochę, ale trudno. Ale nie chcę wiedzieć, Polski, nie takie jak Polska czy polski. Nienawidzę Polska. Przepraszamy za mówienie w ten sposób dla mojej ojczyzny, ale to prawda. Liczę Bułgarii do mojego prawdziwego ojczyzny. Wychowałam się tutaj i mam przyjaciół.

    1. admin

      Well Bulgaria is a nice country I am sure, but for me personally Poland is the country to live in, no comparison. It is the only country in North American or Europe that has been growing and is stable for for the last three years. It has beautiful nature, large cities with now the biggest plazas in Europe and most of all an amazing history and people. I love it here, crime is relatively low and the people are very nice. Besides everyone knows Polish girls are the most beautiful.

      1. Female

        ‘Besides everyone knows Polish girls are the most beautiful’
        Why would you make such a sexist comment to perpetuate ignorant stereotypes?

        Those attitudes are outdated now.

        1. Mark Biernat

          When is beauty outdated? Since the politically correct crowd now says you can not complement a woman on her allure and style? Are you kidding I think love and relationships and beauty and attraction is the magic of this life. If you want to sterilizes your instinctual libidinal drives, fine, but I will not. It is the bait nature makes to bring two people together.

          1. Donald

            Well said Mark, you hit the nail on the head. Polish women are beautiful, I know because my wife is one of them, and it would be an injustice not to complement them about it.

    2. Ted


      Nie rozumiem twojej nienawiści do Polski. Co ci Polska zrobiła. Wiem że na zachodzie gdzie ja się wychowałem często uczą Polakom nienawiść do Polski, taka jest propaganda, nie poddawaj się do tego, oni chcą złamać duch Polskiemu narodowi. Nie jesteśmy perfekt, ale jesteśmy dobrym, uczciwym, spokojnym i pracowitym narodem. Nic nie ma przeciwko Bułgarii…ale kto ci nauczył Polskę nienawidzieć? Ja byłem urodzony w Kanadzie ale teraz do Polski wróciłem i mi się podoba.

      1. Christina

        prawda Ted:”Nie jesteśmy perfekt, ale jesteśmy dobrym, uczciwym, spokojnym i pracowitym narodem.”
        Jestem Francuska, z pochodzenia polkiego…i moje rodzice i siasiady byli bardzo pracowity…pracowaly w kopalnii…nawet Francuze mowili ze sa bardzo pracowity…
        Nie mowie dobrze po polsku to chialabym uzywac ten kurs

  2. Czwartem

    Nie wszystko złoto co się świeci!

  3. Michael Alexa

    No, Czech girls are most beautiful. You have not probably seen them 😉
    Mike (from CZE)

  4. Maciej

    Witam. Jestem polakiem, więc mówię w tym języku perfekcyjnie. Ale za to mam problemy z j. angielskim, i jeśli ktoś z was mówi po angielsku i chciałby się podszkolić w polskim to napiszcie do mnie na maila, będziemy się wymieniać listami, i nawzajem będziemy sobie je sprawdzać.

    1. 14

      Hello I am interested to learn Polish but I find that I don’t really have the time or the money to go to extra classes. So your idea sounds pretty awesome, if you’re interested that is.

  5. Kuba Przedzienkowski

    I spoke Polish until I was 4.5 then it was all English. So you can imagine how my Polish is. Mostly learned from my Mother so my grammar needs watching.
    I need a good way to drill so I don’t make grammar errors and need to pick up more vocabulary. If I could find a Polish person near by that would be great. I live in the South TN and not many Poles here.
    I lived in Poland a few years and that helped and I was understood but my accent sticks out. I made mistakes but it worked.

    1. Mark Biernat

      If you spoke Polish until you were 4.5 then you have a very good chance to lose all your accent. You just have to live in Poland a little more. In fact there is nothing wrong with having an accent, it makes you unique and different. I at first was a little upset that I have a strong accent in Polish. But when I speak people listen and it is kind of cool. I have to work on my accent.
      No, you are right there are not too many Poles living in South Tennessee.

      1. sean

        Pomoc uzce sie po polsku ponad rok teraz i czuje to jest tajemnica nie moglbym jak zmienic rzeczowniki ale teraz znalelem dobrze kurs tuta ale nie ja pewno rzeczowniki.dziekuje

        1. Mark Biernat

          You need a two prong attack. The first thing is drill the noun changes. That does not mean look at a table, it means make flashcards or drills of the changes until you know it.
          Second practive and listen and with time it will come.
          Polish is a language where you can get away with big mistakes as the language is so complex. However, after a few years, not one year you need to learn to make noun case ending changes to get more respect. So you need to drill and practice and make sure other people correct you. Maybe hire a nice studentka to have conversation in a cafe.

  6. Kuba Przedzienkowski

    Mark, thanks for the response. We are all unique in one way or another.
    Yes, a little more living in Poland will do it. I’ll consider that. Your right people try harder to listen when you have an accent.

  7. Jack

    Hi Mark
    Was wondering if you could help me learn Polish. Have some German (really like it) but am looking at a viable way “in” to Europe. Just want to be a part of it and have actual skills that will keep me in work. Thanks and take care

  8. Charles

    I’ve been learning Polish with proper pronunciation, and the nasalized vowels are a little ingrained in my mind. I’ve heard that in Poland they are pretty much non existent. Would I sound wierd pronouncing these nasalized vowels?

    1. Mark Biernat

      That is not true that they are none existent. Maybe with mogę people say moge and bedę they say bede, but people use nasal sounds and if you do not you will sound like you made a mistake with a Polish case ending. There are many female case endings that require this.
      I love it when I here Polish with the proper pronunciation, many old people speak this way and it is eloquent.
      I had the same debate in my mind myself by the way.

  9. Juneann

    Hi Mark,
    I’m from Guyana- South America/Caribbean. I plan on going to Poland sometime soon and it would be really nice to learn some of the basics of the Polish language before I get there.

  10. Donald

    Hi, I’ve been living in Poland for the last year. My wife is Polish and we were living in South Africa (my home country) for 9 years. My wife’s English is perfect, but my Polish is horrific. Everyone has been telling me that I need to memorizes and drill in order to learn Polish, but I’ve been hoping to find an easier way! After searching for over a year I need to realize that there is no easy way. Thank you for bursting my bubble Mark (friendly sarcasm). Hopefully your online course will do the trick for me. I’ll let you know! We like your positive outlook, this is a pretty cool country. Be blessed.

    1. Mark Biernat

      Poles have been learning English, or at least exposed to it since childhood. And Polish is one-hundred times harder than English so you can not compare yourself to your wife’s linguistic ability. You have to learn a lot of words not grammar and ignore Polish native speakers judgments about your grammar. Polish is too complex to do it all. After you have lets say five thousand words under your belt locked in your brain, then try a little Polish grammar. Set expectations that you need to learn thousands of words not the grammar despite what Polish people say. They do not know as they are coming from a different perspective.

  11. John Graham

    Hi thank you for the work you have put into this website. I’m living in Poland and finding learning the language a tad difficult. You show a great understanding of the essentials of learning Polish and can explain it nicely. Well done.

  12. Paula

    Wow, I don’t know how many people learn polish. I’m Polish, so my polish is good but it’s nice to see how many people learn polish, I didn’t know about it. Podziwiam was za chęć nauki, ponieważ polski jest bardzo trudny, nawet dla Polaków.

  13. Marie

    Hi, I am learning Polish too, my daughter-in-law is Polish but speaks perfect English. Her parents do not speak English and I am visiting Poland next year and would like to speak and understand some Polish. I have been looking for a site that explains the grammar, this site is helping me make some sense, I think. Thank you.

  14. jeanette

    Dzein dobry pan,
    I love your website!
    I attended a Polish Catholic grammar school in Massachusetts. Starting in the first grade we were taught basics of the Polish language. In the second and third grades we used Polish language workbooks. I still have them. All 4 of my grandparents spoke Polish as they were early 20th. century immigrants from the AH Empire. My parents were also fluent speakers but spoke Polish only when they didn’t want us kids to know what they were discussing.I usually knew though. I’ve been to Poland once and I love the country. I remember the very basics of “house Polish” but people understood me when I spoke. A couple of people commented on my pronunciation (in a good way).
    With that said I think there’s hope for me to relearn and then learn more.
    When will the flashcards be available?
    Is it possible to communicate with you so that my emails are private?

    1. Mark Biernat

      Program will be ready this year. Sorry for the delay I am a Professor of Economics and do a lot of other things but when it comes out it will be worth it.

  15. Paula A Anderson

    All languages are complex. If your first language is polish, then polish is easy. But if polish is your second, then it is hard and complex. Its all in perspective, just like everything else in life.

  16. Hilary J Davies

    Hey – you say ‘Polish women are the most beautiful’. But as awoman, that is irrelevent to me. How attractive are polish men, please tell me? Could you rank them on a scale compared to men in other countries? I’m interested in coming to poland to look at the men and maybe pick up one or two of them while i’m there, you see.

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