Polish grammar verbs present tense lesson 7

Polish Verbs

Like in English verbs have three tenses, past, present and future.


Like in English Polish has verb aspects, however, not quite as many. Basically most Polish verbs have two forms, the imperfect and the perfect. The imperfect aspect is uesed for an actions which is unfinished or continuious, whilst, the perfect for is used to describe and action that is complete.

Most Polish verbs in their infinitive end in c’ or c.

Polish verbs presnet tense

The basic Polish verb conjugation is as follows:

czytać – To read

czytam – I read, I am reading

czytaz – You read

czyta – He/she read

czytamy – We read

czytacie – You (pl)l read. You (guys/gals) read.

czytają – They read

Review the table for more, but most important drill.






3 responses to “Polish grammar verbs present tense lesson 7”

  1. Robert

    Hello I’m Polish native speaker and I’ve found one mistake :): czytasz – You read, not czytaz.

  2. Volcano

    Why are you only payying attention to mistakes ?
    You should see good sides too, he is laboring for non-speak polish people of course he can make mistakes sometimes,please…

    1. Mi

      I’m glad that he’s bothering about the mistakes because I want to learn things in a perfect way. I’m sure he understands that there’s a lot of work here, but if he sees a mistake, it’s a good thing for me.

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