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Polish grammar questions lesson 10

How to make a question in Polish

Questions: In Polish questions are formed in two ways, by inflecting your voice or by adding the question word czy at the beginning of the sentence.

However, question words as who, why, where etc change with case so to understand these you need to refer to the table.

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with sentence construction, is it important to have the words in a certain order, or can the words be in any order. ‘what do you like’ =co robisz lubi’

Good question, word order does not matter in Polish. If can be anything you want as cases convey a lot of information. I have noticed word order is becoming more standard in common conversational Polish, but it does not matter.

Hi, I’m a Polish and I have to say you’re wrong in part.

Just the example Charlie wrote is unacceptable in Polish.
The matter is – which of word to put as verb?
In his case it shoul be question about to like, to like in Polish is lubić, to do is robić, so question is
Co lubisz robić?

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