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  • Names in Poland

    Polish names are charming and musical. Although I am American we gave our daughter a Polish name. I think it is a little more unusual and we just like the sound of it. Łucja ( first name) Weronika (middle name). Example of how crazy Polish first and last names are However, not all name is […]

  • Polish mortgage for Americans – EU citizens – Credit in Poland for foreigners

    You can get a Polish mortgage to buy real estate in Poland, if you are from the USA or from the EU. However the requirements are more. You might even be a Polish citizen like me with US-based income and the scenario is different than if you are a Polish guy working in Poland with […]

  • Krakow Poland Wieliczka bus trip cheap

    How to tour Wieliczka salt mines for a fraction of the price If you are on a limited budget while in Kraków and would like to see the salt mine in Wieliczka, do not just get any tour that someone is trying to sell to you. You will see scores of tour agents and students […]

  • Polish Zapiekanki – cheap food in Poland

    If you want to know where and how to eat cheap in Poland, here is a food that although is not really traditional Polish cooking, it is part of the Polish diet. Za-Pie-kan-ki literatlly means something that is baked. Polish Zapiekanki A zapiekanka is the most popular kind of fast food In Poland. No one […]

  • Are Polish people negative?

    Polish people are positive and happy people. Many Poles like to say Polish people complain and are depressed. I disagree.  It has been a great pleasure for me to live in Poland with peaceful humble Polish people. Polite people, who respect tradition and the old and really try to improve themselves and society. People who […]

  • Are Polish people honest?

    Polish values Polish people in my experience are honest peaceful humble people. I have personal  stories of honesty to prove it, the last being the most telling about morality in Poland. Negativity from communism distorts reality – Polish society is good I remember when I was taking a tour of Poland in 1999 my tour […]

  • Poland shale gas – USA partnership

    Natural gas energy in Poland Poland has over 5.3 Trillion cubic meters of shale gas. It is an estimate.  This would make it the largest reserve in Europe only second to Russia. And really the reserves are right up there with Saudi Arabia (7 trillion cubic meters). Poland could potentially become fairly rich nation like […]

  • Krakow market square and cloth hall – a short tour

    The market square in Krakow is the largest market square in Europe. It might be the largest in the world, considering most places in the world do not have traditional market squares besides Europe.  However, for Europe it is the largest open market square. Below I made a video of the center of Krakow. I […]

  • Life in Poland – What is it like?

    Everyday life in Poland As an American who has spent a good part of his life in Poland (I am a Polish citizen also) I have a unique perceptive on life in Poland. I can see this better than a native Pole in some ways as I have something to compare it with.The bottom line […]

  • Why are Polish wages low?

    Polish wages are lower than the EU Polish wages are not on par with EU average wages. Why is this so? Poland has been free from communism for over 20 years and part of the EU for over 7. Why does someone only a few hundred miles away in Austria, Germany or Sweden get paid […]