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  • Ask any question about Poland

    If you have any question about the great nation of Poland let me know. You can ask it under the specific post or category set up or simply in the comments below. Leave a comment and ask a question about the Polish nation anything you can imagine ask. Some sample questions about Poland are: Ask […]

  • Why Polish people have few children

    I am a foreigner in Poland and can answer the question easily in one word  ‘economics’. Concern of economic loss and poverty and being poor like in the 1990.  Polish magazines and forums can analysis it all they want, but I can see it objectively from the outside looking in. Polish people have fewer and […]

  • Kopiec Kościuszki – Krakow

    Kopiec Kościuszki a view from above of the Royal city of Krakow Kopiec (mound) is a tribute built in commemoration of someone important. It is pretty much an artificial hill with symmetrical paths leading to the top. There are four of these in Kraków, the oldest ones are Princess Wanda Mound and King Krak Mound […]

  • Krakow Balice Airport

    Kraków Balice Airport John Paul II Airport (KRK) is a fairly small and convenient airport with very good access to the city centre, so you have no need to worry even if you tend to get nervous and / or lost at airports. There is not enough space to get lost, really, though the airport […]

  • Stary Kleparz In Krakow

    Cracow’s Stary Kleparz the old market What the name Sary Kleparz refers to now was originally the main square of the city of Kleparz back in the old days. Today if you ask anyone about it they will tell you it is a market. Probably the most popular one in Kraków, along with its younger […]

  • Shopping in Krakow Poland

    If you are from the US, Ireland, UK or anywhere in Europe you might be wondering can I buy things cheaper in Poland. My answer is yes generally. I will back this up by data found on  However, it is not just about finding a cheap price, but quality and the things you will […]

  • Polish bakery – Sweet Baked Goods

    Polish Bakery Goods Poland has some great sweets. Sometimes I wonder why is it that everyone talks about Polish sausage or wodka and few people appreciate the sweet stuff. It is just as good as Swiss sweets to me. This is what you will find in every bakery in Poland. Pączki , which are a […]

  • Polish cooking- Sałatka Jarzynowa

    Polish Vegetable Salad Sounds simple and and it might seem like it’s not hard to guess what is in it, but chances are you will be surprised by this Polish salad, especially by how time consuming it is and the fact that it is probably the most fattening salad ever invented. It is a vegetarian […]

  • Kielbasa – Types of Polish Sausage

    Types of Polish Sausage I wrestle in my mind how much eat I should eat both for ethical and health reason. But when I am in Poland, which is where I live, I can not resist Polish Kielbasa, especially grilled. I do not know one person who could name all the kinds of Polish sausage, […]

  • Krakow to Vienna

    How to go from Kraków to Vienna The best an only way to travel to and from Vienna is by bus from Krakow. In the evening every night there is a bus and it take about 9 hours with no border stops. It gets into Vienna in the morning. You could also drive but this […]