If you have any question about the great nation of Poland let me know. You can ask it under the specific post or category set up or simply in the comments below. Leave a comment and ask a question about the Polish nation anything you can imagine ask.

Some sample questions about Poland are:

  • Ask about  a town, where your relatives are from example? I have a pretty good idea on how to approach this.
  • Questions about Polish surnames and what they mean or questions about Polish first names, girls names and boys names.
  • Ask about Poland and other nationalities, such as Jewish or Ukrainians or Germans living in Poland and what the relationship.
  • Maybe you want to live in Poland: Move to Poland, life in Poland, cost of life in Poland ask questions here.
  • If you have questions about citizenship ask here: Polish citizenship and visa you can under this post.
  • Travel to Poland – This section will be built but you can ask in the comments below until it is complete. It could include anything from medical coverage to hotels to stay in.
  • Polish women – and dating questions. I am very happy I married my wife from Poland. It is a world of difference than western dating culture.
  • Historical questions. It is a long history and my initial interest in Poland came from a historical perspective. I think I will have to expand this section on Poland.
  • Polish language You can ask anywhere here under my Polish grammar section. This includes learning Polish for kids to Polish as an adult.
  • Polish holidays.
  • Polish cooking.
  • Religion in Poland.
  • What are Polish people like?
  • Polish weather – what is it really like?
  • How do Polish people use the Internet?
  • Where do Polish people go on vacations?
  • Sending things to and from Poland.
  • Polish places, cities and towns.
  • Polish law.
  • Polish driving questions.
  • Polish people abroad?
  • Polish news sources – where to find the best Polish news.
  • Shopping in Poland.
  • Business, economics and real estate in Eastern Europe.
  • If you have any crazy question in just ask it. Do not be afraid, just leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I can, usually in a day. You can also contact me via e-mail, but sometimes those e-mails do not get through. The best ad surest way is via the comments below.

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Why do I know about Poland?

I am a duel US and Polish citizen and lived in Poland for about ten years. I have made it a lifetime passion to study about Poland.  I live in the USA now.  I have a pretty good perspective about Poland and the world as I have traveled a lot though Eastern Europe and the world. Although sometimes I write negative things about Poland, generally I have a positive spin on Poland and a realistic understanding of the culture.