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German work camp Krakow

German work camp Krakow These photos are from behind my house, they are some photos of the old German work camp in Krakow.  The area is now part of Bonarka park, but it was once  Płaszów work camp.  I do not need to repeat the greivous history as it was detailed in the movie Schiendlers […]


Polish farm

Polish farm The following are some photos from a Polish farm. This is not just any farm mind you, but rather my wife’s parents place north of Krakow and south of Warsaw. These photos do not do it justice because did not take photos of the nice buildings and structures and beautiful homes but just […]

Krakow Poland Warsaw

Photos of Krakow, Warsaw and the Polish mountains

Photos of Poland I live in Poland and here are some photos of Krakow, Warsaw and the Polish mountains The is a bridge on the way to a Polish forest in the city of Krakow. Beautiful lake, you can even go swimming here in the summer if you do not get caught. Place where I […]