Krakow Poland

German work camp Krakow

German work camp Krakow

German work camp Krakow
German work camp Krakow buildings
German camp Krakow Poland

These photos are from behind my house, they are some photos of the old German work camp in Krakow.  The area is now part of Bonarka park, but it was once  Płaszów work camp.  I do not need to repeat the greivous history as it was detailed in the movie Schiendlers list or any book on the second war.

The area as a whole is a very peacful place now with a forrest in the middle of the city.  It is also by the Krak mount which has a more positive history and the newly build Bonarka mall and a very interesting ancient ocean.

History and energy

Many people ask me if  I not feel sad about living in such an area, that is somewhere near so many people were unhappy.  I tell them, there were unhappy people everywhere.  We can honor and respect those who are gone, but life is for the living.

I  believe that between this world and the next is a chasm that can not be bridged. This is what the Bible says. The ghost of the past do not and can not take the energy form those who live here now. This is contrary to what many believe.  But I have see many old people who lived here their whole lives live happy normal lives.  The area is full of interesting history.  People have lived here about 100,000 years and there is a lot of history and people un-remembered.


Polish farm

Polish farm

The following are some photos from a Polish farm.

Polish farm earth

This is not just any farm mind you, but rather my wife’s parents place north of Krakow and south of Warsaw. These photos do not do it justice because did not take photos of the nice buildings and structures and beautiful homes but just normal countryside things.  I would have also liked to get some nice landscape photos from a hill, but maybe another time.

Polish farm road

Polish agriculture

Poland field

In Poland something like 20% of the entire population are farmers or closely connected to farming.

Polish farm sign

This is compared to less than 1% in America and 5% in western European counties. I actually like this, although many people would call this inefficient. Why do I like this?

Polish farm cow

I get fresh organic home grown produce from local farmers. Can you image how much this would cost in a Whole foods shop, or even a farmers market.  Lets be honest unless you live in Vermont the food in America is not that great.  I am American and love America, but agriculture is big business.

Polish farm bread

In the States everything is from commercial farms in the West or Mexico and the food has little taste.

Polish farm cart

In Poland from the Polish farms food taste indescribably good.

Polish farm grass

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my photos, you can use my photos as long as you give me a link back. Thanks.

Polish farm pigs

The Polish countryside is so peaceful. It is like going back to some romantic European novel most people only dream about.  It has rolling hills and streams and old, no ancient stone buildings and walls.

Poland farm sheeps and goats

I hope that too many people do not discover the beauty of this place, because you know how it is, once people find it, it is lost forever.  It is a magical place. But for now the Polish farm beauty still exists.

Krakow Poland Warsaw

Photos of Krakow, Warsaw and the Polish mountains

Photos of Poland

I live in Poland and here are some photos of Krakow, Warsaw and the Polish mountains

Bridge Krakow Poland

The is a bridge on the way to a Polish forest in the city of Krakow.

Lake in Krakow

Beautiful lake, you can even go swimming here in the summer if you do not get caught.

Old market Krakow

Place where I buy my fruits and vegetables in Krakow. Kind of a whole food supermarket, since most things are from local organic farms. I am going there today.

The Tatra Mountains

The beautiful mountains of southern Poland


I took this skyline of Warsaw going over a bridge, the skyline is changing all the time as the city is really expanding.

Rising '44

If you go to Warsaw consider seeing the monument to the rising in 1944. The Poles liberated the city of Warsaw, only to be worn down while the Russians watched on the other side of the river.