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Photos of Krakow, Warsaw and the Polish mountains

Photos of Poland

I live in Poland and here are some photos of Krakow, Warsaw and the Polish mountains

Bridge Krakow Poland
Bridge Krakow Poland

The is a bridge on the way to a Polish forest in the city of Krakow.

Lake in Krakow

Beautiful lake, you can even go swimming here in the summer if you do not get caught.

Old market Krakow

Place where I buy my fruits and vegetables in Krakow. Kind of a whole food supermarket, since most things are from local organic farms. I am going there today.

The Tatra Mountains

The beautiful mountains of southern Poland


I took this skyline of Warsaw going over a bridge, the skyline is changing all the time as the city is really expanding.

Rising '44

If you go to Warsaw consider seeing the monument to the rising in 1944. The Poles liberated the city of Warsaw, only to be worn down while the Russians watched on the other side of the river.

By Mark Biernat

Live in Krakow and St. Augustine. I love Poland
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What is the name of that bridge? In which park/part of the city is it locted? Thank you!

I recommend Father Bernatek Footbridge that connects, Podgorze and Kazimierz in Krakow.

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