Polish Grammar

 Polish grammar

This is a table I created for Polish grammar noun cases.

Polish cases

Gerneral Summary of when a Polish noun case is used.

Nomitive It is used when you refer to a direct object . This is….
Who/what .
Genitive Possession, Mark’s car. Or lack of possession (I do not have a car); going towards .
Of whose/Of what
Dative Doing something ‘to’ I am giving a book to…
to who/ to what
Accusitive The direct object of most verbs; the object of some prepositions. This case refers to the indirect object, like, have, see.
Instumental Used with prepositions: z -with, przed -infront of, nad -above, pod -under, za -behind or traveling by. Saying someone is (title or category)
With whom/With what
Locative Used with prepostions: na -on, at, w -in, przy -by,at po -after, o -about
O Kim/O Czym
About who/about what
Vocative Rare-to call someone.

Another view of Polish grammar case summary with more specifics

Nomitive To jest This is
Genitive dom Marka house of Mark
szukać look for
nie not
słuchać look for
duzo many
kilka few
od from since
do to, towards, into
dla for
kolo near
z out out, from
blisko near
obok beside
daleko far
niedaleko near
w podblizu near
naprzeciw opposite
wsród amoung
wzdluz along
dokola around
naokolo around
Dative pomagać (give) help to
wyjasnij (give) trust to
dawac give to
pozwalać allow to
pozyczać lend to
zaufanie explain to
Accusitive miej have
lubić like
zobacz see
Instumental z with
przed in front of;behind
nad above
pod under,bellow
za behind
by (transportation)
labeling someone…he is american, she is a dentist.
Locative na on, at
w in
przy by,at
po after
o about,of