The Polish stock market trades in Warsaw and is called the WIG. Although it is subject to cycles I think generally it is a good investment.

Polish stock market

I am an American that lives in Poland. I also have been in and out of the investment – stock market world for most of my life. What is my opinion of the Polish stock market? Very good. Now if you want to know if stocks are going up or down. However, if you want to know about the Polish stock market as a whole, it is very stable, solid regulations, even more than in the US as Polish GAAP is more conservative than US GAAP.

Polish stock market and currency risk

If you want to invest in the Polish stock market there is a foreign currency risk of course. I usually do not hedge currency, and take as part of the investment risk. However, if you are more conservative you can.

Overall about the Stock Market in Poland

No problems investing in the Polish stock market and there are values there that are not picked though in the US stock market.