Podgorze Krakow in Winter

I live in Krakow, Poland in the old town of Podgorze.  I am very lucky that I have many parks and green areas where I live.  I stopped going to a gym and simply try to walk everyday.  I do not have a car and if I need to get anything I have to walk.  For me this is a double win.

Podgorze background

Vistula river Podgorze
Vistula river Podgorze

Podgorsze was an ancient Slavic fishing town. The name means under the little hill.  Only latter did it get incorporated into Krakow.  For a very brief time it was also an international boarder. The Austrian Empire occupied part of Poland. I have seen old Podgorzse passports, these were just honorific.

This section of Krakow is also called the Austrian district as there were may Austrians that settle there. It was also famous for a darker history I do not think I need to mention here as it is already known.

Podgorze forest

Here are some Photos of my walks in the Winter in Podgorze in Krakow, Poland.

Podgorze Krakow Poland Forrest January
Podgorze forest January

What is amazing about these photos is that this is the center of the city of Krakow.  Can you imagine this much green area in any other city.  I have even seen wild mountain goats here.  This is one of the reasons I love living in Krakow.  It is a combination of city and countryside.

Walk Podgorze winter
Walk in Podgorze with my daughter and wife

My wife goes sledding with my daughter in the back and I would love to get some skis but I have no time. This would take my fitness up to the next level. But I think I need to focus on my command of the Polish language first.

Podgorze garden winter
Podgorze garden house in the winter

Let me know of your impressions.  We do not get much light here in the winter. But there is a certain beauty.  These picture were taken in the afternoon in full light in January.






4 responses to “Podgorze Krakow in Winter”

  1. currissa

    How is Poland and America the same and different? I am doing a report and i need to know this, and I was wondering if you can answer my question?

    tThank you,

    1. admin

      Why do you not write a list of say ten question for me, and I can answer them. I can even make it a post. Ask anything you like such as about society, dating, economics, religion. But spend some time and think of some good questions. Ask your parents for help if you need to – I am answer both as an American and a Polish resident.

  2. RYan

    I’m pretty amazed by your blog. I’m also an American who acquired Polish citizenship and live in Podgorze. small world

    1. Mark Biernat

      Great to hear from you. Where are you from in the States? How long have you lived in Podgorze, Krakow, Poland?

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