The purpose of this post is to give you some ideas about taxes in Poland is your are a dual citizen or resident, an English speaker that needs to pay taxes in Poland. I am not an expert on taxes, but here is the idea (I did taxes at Price Waterhouse). I also have a recommendation of where you can get taxes done in Poland in this post.

US taxes for Polish residents

You as a US citizen must file and report all world wide income forever not matter where you live or your life situation. You need to report all bank accounts and income in Poland. I do this. Even on the pittance I make as a teacher. However, you get a large foreign income exclusion. That is the easy part.

The good news is again, it is not that complicated.  Do not worry.  It is just paper.
If you need help:

  • The US consultant will help with the US side often with volunteers.
  • I also call the IRS directly and talk with them, they have a help line.

Polish taxes for US citizens

On the Polish side of course you have to pay taxes also.  I get an accountant to do it.  You are a resident of Poland and as a resident you most likely work legally. This is almost like the USA in that there are simple forms and more complex. But basically you take your information to someone who knows. I have used a computer program like the ones they have in the USA and an accountant. But here is another idea.

Tax volunteer for Polish taxes – On the Polish side often the catholic church has a man that can help you. He is an accountant and will do your taxes for free and if you want to donate to charity if you can. He is not part of the church but a volunteer. It is not the official catholic church but someone in the church, look to see if your city has this. In Kraków for example there is someone at Bożego Ciała.   I think you can trust a guy like this.  He will also do business returns but I think he does that for a fee. But again you can trust him.

Business accounting and taxes in Poland

If you have a larger firm in Krakow or around Kraków or even maybe other cities, you can go to a company like this company – – They have an English menu and the speak English well, so any tax or business issues are no problem.  They are a very honest and reasonable firm I can highly recommend, I work there as a teacher.  If you have any questions I can connect you with a tax or business consulting firm, for free of course.

If you have a business then it gets more complex, especially is you make a lot in the USA and Poland.  But I think start with what I have recommended.  Try to find a charity that does it for free and maybe make a donation. If you are professional and have a business there are score of accountants for citizens and non citizen expats but start with the one I recommend for business and trust. If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.