When I grew up I loved the countryside.  I grew up in New England in the countryside I wanted to stay. In fact, when I moved to NYC out of college I thought why?  Everything I wanted was in small town New England. I had lakes and fields to play in, I have a beautiful old library, fitness center and shopping at some local stores.

When I became a city person

I became a city guy when I was a consultant.  I traveled to most of the major US cities and live the consultant lifestyle in hotels and corporate apartments.  By the time I took a job in Boston, I only wanted to live in Beacon Hill, Boston.  I loved Beacon Hill for its old town center city lifestyle. I found I could live and work in the city and on the weekends enjoy the countryside in New Hampshire.  So I thought what was the point of living in the country as opposed to the city.

My next big city move was Krakow, Poland where I have lived for about six years.   I have become quite attached to city life.  I have though of building a house in the countryside of Poland, a nice wooden log home.  However, the though of being in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do but watch the grass grow, bores me.

City or country living?

I guess I make a huge switch from country to city. I love living in a Polish city like Krakow.  I am curious if you prefer the city or the country and what your experiences with the two lifestyles have been?