Miracle water Krakow – St. Stanislaus well

Miracle water of Krakow at St. Stanislaus well

If you are in Krakow, Poland and are thirsty, please stop by the well of St. Stanislaus. This water in Krakow is said to have miraculous healing powers. I would like to look at this claim and tell you about the history of St. Stanislaus.

How to find the this well water in Krakow

The well is in the Paulist monetary in Kazimierz. You can walk along the Wistula river and see a big white church. It is known as Kościoł na Skałce or Church on the small little rock. It is exactly located around the streets Paulinska and Św. Stanislawa. This is down the street from Św. Katarzyny. I would recommend to take the 6 or the 8 tram to Plac Wolnica and walk towards the river and you can  not miss the monastery.

The monetary itself is a very quite, peaceful place to relax with green grass and no noise of traffic. There is even a WC for tourists and a lot of information in English and always friendly Krakovians to ask questions to.  So if you are walking by foot, there is no reason to miss this monetary.

It is near the church of St. Michała. St. Michael fights the devil who takes the form of a dragon. I remember I went here in 1999 on a tour and I do not even think the guide pointed out the well.

Originally the area was ancient pagan religious center and in the 11th century a Romaneque church was built on these cliffs and later replaced by a Gothic church funded by Kazimierz the Great.

Krakow drinking water
From this well you can be sure that the water in Krakow is healthy for drinking.

Who was St. Stanislaus?

This church and more specially the well is the place of Martyrdom for St. Stanislaus of Szczepanowo. He is a patron saint of Poland. Stanislaus was the Bishop of Krakow. He stood in opposition to the brutal king  Bolesław (who was eventually exiled). He opposed the kings immoral behavior and his ruthless treatment of women. St. Stanislaus was a man who had the courage of his convictions. He stood his ground to the king. The king ordered his men to execute Stanislaus. His men refused to harm such a good human, so the king did it himself.  He chopped up St. Stanislaus, his finger first and throw the pieces of his hacked and dismembered body in this ancient well.

miracle water
This is the well where you can drink the blessed water.This well is in the Paulist monetary in the Kazimierz district of Krakow

What happened next in this pool of water in Krakow? The body started to reassemble itself in front of people’s eyes. St. Stanislaus is buried in Wawel castle and the King fled the country.

St-Stanislaus water
The image of St. Stanislaus at his well

Krakow water you can drink

In Krakow, people drink bottled water. I filter the water. The water is not bad from the tap, but it is like any other city water in the world, it is better filtered as you do not know what is in it. However, the water at St. Stanislaus’ well is rich in macro and mirco elements. It is safe for drinking and they even recommend you try it.

The water is actually holy water. It is blessed right from the well.

It has a very strong taste as it is so rich in minerals and elements that it is more like spa water. I love the taste. Some people say it tastes like sulphur and nitrogen. I love the exotic rich taste.

I think there are so many micro nutrients in the water which they have not identified. But a partial list can be found by the well, which has been tested and is pure.

You can fill up bottle if you like. Take this healing water.

dinking water Krakow
The water from this wealth is healthy to drink in Krakow. The question is, is it miracle water?

Miracle water

I could write a book on this subject. I am religious but not a super naturalist. I guess I wrote this post to somewhat temper all the claims I see on the Internet of some “miracle water” being sold from somewhere. I do not like this type of hype.

I do not believe in super natural things. However, the reality  our brains have limited awareness. The human brain is limited by its physical structure there is no way we will ever understand the mysteries of this universe.

For example, if the smartest dog in the world understands basic language and many things, but it can never understand advanced calculus or the quantum physics.  In fact dogs can not see color as a dog’s brain is not wired for colors. A dog will ever see a rainbow. Its brain is limited by its evolutionary structure.  Ours is also.

What are we humans not aware of or out of our senses? Even if we understand everything in our universe , explained by physics and math, it is not the end. We are as limited as the dog. There is one thing different perhaps, humans sense a deeper spiritual existence but do not have the capacity to fully quantify and measure this reality.

There is a complex stratification of reality.

Therefore, even though I am not a super naturalist at all. I believe in miracles. I believe God does great things for us.

Is the well of St. Stanislaus miracle water as some have said? I do not have any knowledge of this. I do not know anything about this or anyone healed by this water. I have not researched it.

I do know the water is free. Any miracle water, if it exists anywhere in the world is never sold, nor should it be if it exists.  I would not trust anyone who sold water under the name of miracle water, like some people do in the USA. The reality is if miracles do exist, they come from God and God alone. Further, your body and mind is often transformed without you being aware of it. It happens as a seed and somewhere and sometime, when you are not aware, your life starts to transform. This could include physical healing. Humans often connect phsycial objects with healing. This is because we live on a physical plane and often need something concrete for us to latch onto to bridge the spiritual and physical.

From a physics perspective, the atoms we are composed of are mostly empty space moving and vibrating so it only appears we are solid. This is true of any physical object like wood or even water. Therefore, we as humans are nothing more than strands of evergy. Maybe some things in this universe have an energy that is unque. This is a simplistic understanding of it. I go back to the idea as a mysterian that our brains Are too small to understand these things.

This Krakow water is simply free. Go to the well and fill up as many bottles of water as you can and take it home with you. At the very least it is healthy spa water.

However, if you pray and purify your intentions and drink it. Perhaps your reality might change a bit.  I think God is always showing us signs, most of us are not listening and looking.

If you have any questions about the healing Miracle water of  St. Stanislaus well in Krakow please let me know. I would be curious about what you think. At the very least go to the well when you are in Krakow. I see thousands of people everyday visiting other spots in Krakow that have been hype and mean little spiritually.

However, few visitors go to this humble quite well in the middle of the city. Maybe its a good thing and I should not have written about this holy water. I feel mixed as on one hand I would like other people to know about it, but on the other hand I do not want it on my semi commercial blog and it to become a tourist spot in a negative sense. However, here is the information and do with it what you like.







9 responses to “Miracle water Krakow – St. Stanislaus well”

  1. Sylvia

    St Anthony is my favourite saint as he is always finding the things I lose which is very helpful as I’m always losing things.

    Dear St Anthony move around,
    Something’s lost which must be found.

    If one has no faith then they are truly lost.

    And Shakespeare said it, ” There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of … ”

    I doubt I shall ever make it to Krakoww as I am OBE
    (over B? eighty)but I shall put it on my list and if
    St Stanislau is not too busy he might find time for it.

    I really enjoyed your article.


    1. Mark Biernat

      The thing about prayers and people who pray is this. All logical sense and people looking on from the outside at the person who prays, might say that is just coincidence or luck that a prayer works. But in my own personal experience with prayers, you can move mountains. But God is the objective working in the subjective.
      The St. Anthony is a great prayer.

  2. Izabela

    It’s funny how I have lived in Kraków my whole life and all this time had no idea about the well. So I decided to make a trip as I could definitely use some miracles. I have to say the taste is.. guite unusual 😉 Hope one sip is enough for a miracle, because that is all I could take. I love the place though, and the entire street leading to it (Skałeczna), it’s so peaceful and a great thinking spot.
    Thank you for sharing this, I got to know my own town a little better.

  3. Gary in Indiana

    I wish I could have a second home in Poland. I want to learn my Grandparents language and expolre their homeland.I’m very proud of Poland.They are super survivors.I hope their native population grows and grows.Maybe I can help it grow.I hope to also teach some Poles about making money to help them grow.That would be smart.Thanks and love to Poland.

    1. Mark Biernat

      I know your intentions are sincere, and I am with you, I love Poland, but teach Poles about making money? I have heard this before from Americans. I recommend you live in Poland a while and you will learn about making money. America has had almost unlimited natural resources and been the military conqueror (Native American Indians for example, or Slavery). If America is wealthy it is not that we are smarter we are luckier, objectively speaking, that is we have this manifest destiny idea and all this free land.
      Poland is prospering under harder historical and economic conditions. This is more of an accomplishment. I recommend you live in Poland and you will see what I mean. Poland did not have an economic crisis by the way because it managed its central bank policy better.

  4. NB

    I was in Krakow and made the trip to the famous St Stanislaus well. I tasted the water which was like sewage to me (color smell and taste) But I managed to drink it and took some home. No miracle happened, I did not get sick from it neither. So just for the experience, have a go.

    1. Mark Biernat

      God is not a super magician nor am I a supernaturalist. I do not believe the miracles (means signs) of God are so obvious. God also works outside the time-space continuum as God is not temporal. So how do you not know that a miracle has not or will not occur with time in ways you could never have imagined in your life. I could give you examples but it is something you have to experience for yourself.

  5. Fred

    I came all the way from Australia and walked a very long distance to find this well. I drank as much as I could. The next day my footsteps returned me to the same place. I drank again and washed my legs. Many others there looked on with amazement. I was past caring and prayed for a miracle. After a year I am able to walk without pain in my legs. God be praised.

    1. Mark Biernat

      Thank you for that testament. God works in different ways for each of us and I believe in the healing power prayer.

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